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Cathy Connors, Owner

9462 Brownsboro Road # 338 * Louisville, KY 40241 * 502-445-2282

As a child I spent a great deal of my time on my grandparent’s farm in Nicholasville, Kentucky, I was always interested and involved with the daily routines of the farm, which included at certain times of the year, the smoking of hams and bacon for the winters use. The love of my Kentucky farm life and the remembrance of the scent of wood smoke wafting through the crisp fall air on meat smoking days have indirectly led me to my current entrepreneurial adventure with my smoked sea salts and peppers.

My grandmother used sugar as a reward for her grandchildren by sprinkling it on toast, biscuits, cookies and oatmeal and this has led me to the development of my sugar blends.

The company name “Shell-Bee’s” is for my beloved granddaughter Shelby. Her encouragement and enthusiasm along with that of my children and other grandchildren are the driving force for me in my mission to provide the highest quality Kentucky home smoked sea salts, sugar blends and spice products possible.

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